Monday, January 26, 2009

Start Ups Graduate from TKM

Under Secretary for Commerce & Industry, HE Ahmed Al Dheeb presented awards and congratulated five start-up companies that graduated on Monday from the Knowledge Mine (TKM) business incubator program based on Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM).

HE Al Dheeb said the TKM start-up graduates all had a role to play in building a knowledge-based economy that successfully competes with the rest of the world. “We know that business incubation can help diversify economies, commercialize technologies, create jobs and build wealth. I’m confident that the five businesses graduating from TKM today will inspire other Omani entrepreneurs to take their ideas forward. Since its launch in 2004, TKM has played a pivotal role in helping create innovative, high growth companies for the future.”

TKM is currently home to 15 start-ups - companies working in areas that include e-security; serious gaming; engineering; web design; and marine environment. TKM offers a creative, stimulating and supportive environment that helps entrepreneurs grow. It provides top class broadband connections, state-of-the-art office space and meeting rooms. But it’s not just about the facilities, TKM also provides access to business advisers, professional mentors and a wide range of workshops designed to meet the needs and interests of entrepreneurs.

Mohammed Al Maskari, Director General, KOM said: “Today's TKM graduates have proven that they can effectively combine creativity with the business skills to bring ideas to market. All of them deserve recognition for their success in bringing an innovative idea to life. Indeed, the range of exciting companies showcased at Monday's graduation demonstrates the pivotal role of incubators in providing the right environment for start-ups to succeed.”

Mohammed Al Rasbi, CEO of R&D and anchor tenant of TKM commented: “I strongly recommend the TKM program and Knowledge Oasis Muscat to anyone considering a new business or seeking to raise capital for an existing start-up. TKM provided an extremely valuable environment to prepare for launching my company. Most importantly, I developed relationships with highly skilled mentors that were readily available to roll up their sleeves to help me move my business forward with wise advice. By far, TKM is the best venue for any Oman-based entrepreneur looking to accelerate their business.”

“The TKM program has assisted me with the entrepreneurial developmental tools to manage and grow a successful business while expanding my business relationships across the Gulf region,” said Amrou Al Sharif, Founder and CEO of Seeb Systems.

“Fostering entrepreneurship is a priority at KOM,” smiles Al Maskari, adding: “growing Oman’s technology sector is accomplished one company at a time and it’s a great pleasure to be playing a pivotal role in this important process.”

Congratulations to the winter 2009 TKM graduates: R&D; Seeb Systems; e-Brain; Sohar Soft; and Kindows.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Buy Local in 2009

The Origin Oman campaign, as the name suggests, is here to encourage growth and stability in the local economy. “There are huge benefits for all of us in sourcing goods and services from local businesses wherever possible. By supporting one another, we increase the amount of money available for companies to purchase further local services - a really smart way of working,” suggests Zuhair Al Zadjali, Origin Oman Campaign Co-ordinator.

According to Al Zadjali, government is ploughing a lot of time and effort into the Origin Oman campaign to promote locally made goods and services. Over the past 12 months the campaign has launched a website (, carried out print and radio advertising, recorded promotional films and organized a series of high profile initiatives.

“The aim is to encourage residents and businesses to buy from local companies and shop in local stores. We want to retain the finance we have in country, stimulating the local economy,” smiles Al Zadjali.

Businesses who have already signed up to the Origin Oman campaign have urged others to follow their lead. S. Gopalan, CEO, Reem Batteries and a recent winner of His Majesty’s Cup for the Best Five Factories, said: “Signing up to the campaign shows a commitment to supporting the local economy. The government has always been highly supportive of small, local businesses but through the Origin Oman campaign has recently become more hands-on, which can only be a good thing.”

Karim Rahemtulla, MD of KOM-based Infocomm said: “It’s a campaign that’s helping promote local businesses which are incredibly unique. In tough economic times like this, buying local goods is a sure way to get quality products, at a fair price, while knowing that you are also supporting sustainable community and environmental development that impacts all of us positively in the long-run.

Shopper and long-term Muscat resident, Kinda Helmi said: “Shoppers increasingly want to know the source of their food, how it’s produced and where it comes from - in other words, the story behind their food." Kinda went on to explain that: “Buying locally produced goods supports the entire supply chain, from the farmer through to the ad agency who designs the packaging to the guy who stacks the supermarket shelves. Local firms are the lifeblood of our economy and society and they can only gain by working together. I wish this initiative every success.”

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