Tuesday, March 28, 2006

PEIE Hosts World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Hosted by PEIE and staged at Muscat’s Shangri-La Barr Al Jissa Spa & Resort the World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship is the first-of-its kind forum, which aims to develop practical solutions to address the most important issues facing emerging nations and to inspire the development of the next Generation of entrepreneurs and innovators to fully celebrate the opportunities of the 21st century in a climate of global prosperity.

The summit consists of inspiring themes that simultaneously address real issues facing entrepreneurs and innovators within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and across the world while providing opportunities for established leaders and entrepreneurs alike to spread prosperity for future generations and create a new and vibrant future.

Four hundred of the World's leading innovators and entrepreneurs - with a talent for changing the global economy - will come together for three days of workshops and roundtable discussions to help create a new future for the next generation of entrepreneurs. One of the key factors that influence innovative thinking and economic and social development is the geopolitical factor associated to its respective region. Geopolitical factors mainly include macro-environment, religious freedom, public security and intellectual property rights. The World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship will shed light on these geopolitical factors with reference to the Arab world and regional geography.

In total, more than 85 confirmed high profile speakers from the MENA and across the globe will participate at the World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship, including several prominent thought leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and developers, including:

T.H. Peter Hansen, Former Commissioner-General, United Nations Relief and Works Agency H.E. Noel Dempsey TD, Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources, Ireland
Dr. Jose Luis Machinea, Executive Secretary, United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America & the Caribbean
Dr. Bruce Jenks, Director UNDP Bureau for Resources and Strategic Partnerships
Dr. Naomi Tutu, Founder, Tutu Foundation for Development and Relief in Southern Africa
Mr. Mohamad Saleh, Chairman, Al Aqariya TV
Ms. Randa Ezz El Din Fouad, Secretary General, The Arab Media Forum for Environment and
Development Dr. Iman Bibars, Regional Director, MENA, Ashoka
Mr. Abdullah Atatreh, President, Bonyan Holding

The World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship is the ultimate platform, which will make innovation work for emerging nations, helping them achieve global competitiveness through initiative and action.

The Summit program focuses on six key themes:
Infrastructure & Competitiveness
Knowledge & Development
Energy & Sustainable Environment
Geopolitics & Innovation Society
Growth Strategies & Prosperity
Disruptive Innovations & Value Creation