Saturday, April 22, 2006

KOM-based Call Centre Services US Hospitals

An Omani company which provides medical transcription services for hospitals in Saudi Arabia and the United States will be demonstrating its skills on the Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM) Pavilion at COMEX 2006, the IT and telecom exhibition taking place April 26 - 30.

OmanLine was set up in 2003 and has carved itself a niche business transcribing doctors' dictations that are recorded in meetings with patients. The dictations are sent electronically to the company's offices at KOM, transcribed, and then returned to the hospital within 24 hours, where they become part of the patient's records.

Most of OmanLine's skilled transcribers are Omanis who have been intensively trained in medical terminology and procedures.

The company's Business Development Director, Alan Rooke (pictured), said: “Our success is based on the fact that Oman has a good pool of skilled and educated young people with an excellent work ethic. They are dedicated and provide a first rate service.”

One of the attractions for American hospitals in getting their work done in Oman is the time difference between the two countries. Notes of meetings with patients or records of operations can be downloaded to OmanLine's dedicated server as the day is drawing to a close in the US.

The notes, which go through three stages of checking for accuracy, can be transcribed and returned to the hospital before the beginning of the next working day.

Internationally, medical transcription services promise 95% accuracy, but OmanLine is currently operating at in excess of 99% accuracy.

All the operators have been trained at the company's training centre where courses are held for GCC nationals in several subjects, including telephone skills, sales and customer service and call centre skills.

At COMEX, two Omani transcriptionists will be giving demonstrations of the medical service, transcribing notes from both US and Saudi hospitals.