Sunday, January 20, 2008

In collaboration with PEIE, Intilaaqah Enterprise Fund (IEF) has agreed to sponsor PEIE’s Big Ideas Tent (9/10 February in Sohar), the Oman Manufacturing Group Seminar Program (OMG) and PEIE’s annual Smart Manufacturing Conference (12/13 May).

IEF is a revolving fund dedicated to providing business development support and finance to small and medium-sized enterprises. The US$10 million fund was established by Shell in 2007 and is managed by GroFin Oman.

Intilaaqah’s Director and IEF Marketing focal point, Abdullah Al Jufaili, will participate at all three PEIE initiatives and present at the OMG seminar: “Education, Training & Manufacturing: Going Global” scheduled for 7:45pm, 28 January at the Muscat Inter-Continental Hotel.

The first OMG seminar of 2008 will explore themes of education and training and their relationship to globalisation. According to Al Jufaili “If Oman’s manufacturing sector wants to compete globally then we need to upgrade employee skills and knowledge. We need to understand how Oman’s higher education and training sector can equip the manufacturing sector with the right human capital, skills and know how.”

Abeer Al Abduwani, Manager, GroFin said: “We’re delighted that IEF is supporting PEIE initiatives. Indeed, this will give leverage to the fund and provide an opportunity for our fund managers to develop stronger ties with manufacturers and meet the sector’s needs.”

Al Jufaili adds: “Our presence at this year’s OMG Seminar Program will ensure that the IEF is positioned to help drive forward training, innovation and entrepreneurship in the marketplace. In particular, the 28 January OMG panel on education and manufacturing will address a highly topical and relevant subject and I think many people in business as well as in government circles will want to hear these issues discussed. We’re very excited about our participation.”

Hilal Al Ahsani, PEIE’s CEO comments: “IEF’s sponsorship of OMG, the Big Ideas Tent and Smart Manufacturing Conference adds substantial value to these important manufacturing initiatives, and the participation of Abdullah will be a huge draw card and offers great value to attendees."

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