Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Origin Oman e-Survey in Full Swing

The Origin Oman Buy Local campaign has begun its end-of-year e-Survey ( “We’re asking people to complete a simple online questionnaire and tell us what they think about locally made goods and produce,” says Ibtisam Al Faruji, Marketing Director at the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE) and the woman spearheading the Origin Oman marketing campaign.

Local businesses are the economic drivers that have carried Omani communities for generations. Although the survey has another few weeks to run, Al Faruji suggests that it already indicates people’s willingness to buy locally made goods and produce. “After all, it’s local businesses that create the real wealth that sustains the places we call home,” comments PEIE’s Marketing Director.

Research from the US drives home the potential impact of buying local, a San Francisco study found that a slight shift in consumer purchasing behaviour – diverting just 10% of purchases to locally made goods and produce – would, each year, create 1,300 new jobs and yield nearly US$200 million in incremental economic activity for the city.

”The California study provides us with overwhelming evidence that local businesses are the key to pumping up local income, wealth, jobs, innovation, creativity and reducing carbon emissions,” says Hamida Al Balushi, Origin Oman Co-ordinator, who works closely with local manufacturers and shopping outlets. “The more residents, businesses and institutional buyers we can get to support locally made goods and produce, the greater the economic rewards,” smiles Al Balushi.

The ongoing Origin Oman survey indicates that residents are making significant changes in their purchasing behaviour as a result of the campaign. For example, 80% of those polled are aware of the campaign, 71% recognize the campaign’s newly-introduced brand mark, 83% are interested in learning more about locally made goods and produce and 76% believe that goods carrying the Origin Oman brand mark will have a positive impact on consumers.

”It’s evident from these early results that Oman-based residents, people of all nationalities, are making a special effort to look out for and buy locally made goods and produce and they’re being vocal about their support," suggests Zuhair Al Zadjali, Origin Oman Co-ordinator.

All the research points to the fact that residents can make a significant impact on the Omani economy by spending their Rials locally. “It's heartening to see that so many consumers understand the important role local manufacturers and farmers play in our communities - and that they are increasingly choosing to buy local,” says Al Faruji.

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