Saturday, April 11, 2009

Portrait of Manufacturing

A collection of 60 photographs that represent the spirit of manufacturing has been brought together for a special Origin Oman exhibition to run 25 – 30 April at Qurum’s City Centre.

Entitled Portrait of Manufacturing, the five-day exhibition will showcase the work of local photographers Rami Al Lawati and Abdullah Al Shuhi who took photographs of people working in Oman’s manufacturing sector over a period of six months.

According to Origin Oman’s Bader Al Zadjali: “More than 1,000 photographs were researched to find the chosen sixty pieces and we’re thrilled that City Centre Qurum has agreed to showcase this unique collection of images.”

Speaking ahead of the event, Ibtisam Al Faruji, Marketing Director, Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE) said: “The photographs in this exhibition give you a glimpse of the people, firms, environment, machinery and products that make up Oman’s manufacturing community, from Raysut in Salalah to Rusayl in Muscat. It’s a marvelous collection of very moving images.”

All sixty images in this exhibition were taken on PEIE industrial estates. ”Ultimately, this is a treasure trove for any one who loves photography, and clearly presents the extraordinary variety, breadth and idiosyncratic nature of Oman’s manufacturing sector,” says Al Faruji.

“Some of the prints look like fashion photography but are fine art and others look like scientific images but are documentary photographs. All these styles are used by contemporary photographers to make artistic or poetic points,” say Al Shuhi. Adding: “The work that will be presented represents an exciting variety of different attitudes and creative approaches to individual manufacturing themes and ideas. I hope visitors to the exhibition will find our work challenging and inspiring.”

Al Lawati added: “There are distinct groups of photos in this exhibition: some are experimental while others are documentary style images, made on the spot, with great detail and a sense of quietness. And some are elaborately staged like theatre specifically for the camera. They capture the true spirit of manufacturing. In fact, I fully expect the event to generate a lot of interest and discussion.”

According to Al Zadjali, the Origin Oman campaign wanted to mount a photographic exhibition that would reach the public and draw attention to manufacturing and the production of local goods. “The images provide the visitor with a cross section of subject matter in colour and monochrome, reflecting the photographers unique take on Oman’s manufacturing environment. Holding this five-day exhibition at a venue like City Centre Qurum is ideal – we get to reach people when they’re relaxed and out enjoying themselves.”

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