Saturday, June 27, 2009

Origin Oman's Consumer Survey Results

The National Products Campaign was re-launched in September 2008 under a new name and brand mark - Origin Oman.

Origin Oman is a think local business initiative driven by PEIE. The campaign aims to preserve and enhance the economic, human and natural vitality of Oman’s communities by promoting the importance of purchasing locally made products and services.

The Origin Oman campaign recently carried out an online and face-to-face survey with 500 Muscat-based consumers. This is what they had to say:

1. Have you heard about the Origin Oman campaign?
Yes 79.45%
No 20.55%

2. If so, where did you first hear about it?
Magazine 30.70%
Newspaper 9.77%
Radio 0.00%
Word-of-Mouth 22.33%
TV 4.65%
Other 32.56%

3. Have you seen the Origin Oman logo? (without visual prompt)
Yes 69.96%
No 30.04%

4. Do you recognize the logo? (with visual prompt)
Yes 71.65%
No 28.35%

5. Where did you first see the Origin Oman logo?
Newspaper 29.22%
Magazine 11.42%
Supermarket 10.05%
Packaging 1.83%
Other 47.49%

6. In general, do you know where the products you buy are produced/grown?
Yes 47.62%
No 7.54%
Sometimes 44.84%

7. When buying a product, do you consider the importance of whether it's locally made/grown?
Yes 52.55%
No 14.90%
Sometimes 32.50%

8. When buying a product, would a label saying Origin Oman have
A positive impact 76.82%
A negative impact 3.16%
No impact 20.55%

9. On average, how often do you buy locally made/grown products?
Weekly 60.32%
Monthly 30.54%
Yearly 3.17%
Never 3.9%

10. What stops you from buying locally made/grown products?
Lack of availability 17.37%
Don’t know what’s locally made/grown 5.67%
Too expensive8.04%
Poor packaging 14.99%
Quality is low or inconsistent 20.48%
Would rather buy a brand I trust 14.99%
Don’t see why it’s important 2.74%
Lack of information 15.72%

11. Do you think shops in Oman do enough to promote locally made/grown products?
Yes 15.42%
No 84.58%

12. Are you interested in learning more about locally made/grown products?
Very interested 43.65%
Interested 39.29%
Not interested 17.06%

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