Saturday, September 12, 2009

Origin Oman's Meet the Buyer

The Origin Oman campaign run by the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates is working with The Wave Muscat on a Meet the Buyer event to bring local buyers and suppliers together to optimize both present and future local business opportunities.

“The Origin Oman Team is keen to support local and small businesses and where possible create tender and business opportunities, which supports the economy,” says Ibtisam Al Faruji, Origin Oman’s Marketing Director. Indeed, Origin Oman organized events have proved to be very popular with local business with survey results illustrating that 94% rate the 'buy local' events as very good or excellent and, more importantly, 63% said they had a good chance of resulting business from the events.

This latest initiative, which is being organized to help local businesses through the global recession, is being held at The Wave Muscat on 19 October from 9am to 3pm.

According to Al Faruji, the “supplier speed dating” theme - involving approximately 15 major buyers and over 25 suppliers – will offer buyers, in both the private and public sector, the chance to get in touch with local suppliers. The buyers will benefit by meeting suppliers on a one-to-one basis to increase their knowledge of what’s available locally, sourcing new suppliers for current and future projects, and being able to benchmark against existing ones. Suppliers will also benefit, by introducing their company and unique selling points to buyers face-to-face.

Al Faruji continues: “The event concept is proving very popular. Local suppliers and buyers recognize that it provides them with an excellent networking opportunity as well as enabling them to discover potential new markets, clients and suppliers. I would encourage local business and government organizations to register now, so that they can take advantage of this exciting free event. Indeed, the development of local businesses is vital to Oman’s economic future.”

“Meet the Buyer matches buyers and sellers and provides them with the ideal environment in which to do meaningful business. It’s all about saving people a valuable resource, their time,” comments Zuhair Al Zadjali (pictured), Origin Oman Co-ordinator and Meet the Buyer organizer.

“We invite the buyer and the supplier and schedule individual appointments that bring them together for 20 minute meetings. We also ensure that ‘both sides of the table’ are carefully matched by providing a detailed profile on each delegate. This maximizes the potential of each meeting,” adds Al Zadjali.

“We selected The Wave Muscat as the venue for Meet the Buyer as it offers the ideal combination of good access from across the capital, and it’s an exciting development that has excellent facilities,” smiles Al Faruji.

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