Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Green Manufacturing - 9 June

The news is filled with stories about climate change and the creation of a low carbon economy. According to recent research, globally manufacturing accounts for a sizeable share of total greenhouse gas emissions. In the US, it represents 20% of domestic direct emissions and is indirectly responsible for another 11% due to electricity use, suggests a report published by the Pew Centre on Global Climate Change.
In a response to increased domestic interest in climate change, carbon emissions and renewable energy, and with confirmed speakers from Shell, PDO and Tabreed Oman, the Public Establishment for Industrial Estate’s (PEIE) forthcoming Oman Manufacturing Group (OMG) meeting scheduled to be held at the Muscat Inter-Continental Hotel on 9 June at 7:30pm will focus on green manufacturing. “June’s OMG session will offer Omani manufacturers and those connected to the sector a chance to get the facts and understand how they can go green and save money,” says Ibtisam Al Faruji, PEIE’s Head of Marketing.

The financial, PR and competitive benefits of implementing efficiency improvements have manufacturers and retailers scrambling to hop on the green bandwagon. “Smart new technologies and strategies for gaining energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions are springing up everywhere,” says Nasser Al Rahbi, PEIE’s Media Co-ordinator (pictured). “Solar and wind power are certainly becoming popular choices among many manufacturing and retail businesses to reduce emissions and facility costs,” remarks Al Rahbi.

Although some manufacturers find that simple changes in lighting and heating and cooling practices can yield huge savings when implemented factory-wide or enterprise-wide, many companies are taking their initiatives beyond ‘low hanging fruit’. For example, US-based Macy’s department store is installing solar roof tiles on 28 of its stores in California. The 8.9-megawatt system covers more than 800,000 sq ft with 45,000 panels and will reduce carbon emissions by 195 million pounds over 30 years - the equivalent of removing about 19,500 cars from the road.
”It is encouraging to see how many Oman-based organizations are keen to reduce their carbon footprint and implement energy saving initiatives,” smiles Al Rahbi. Omani manufacturers want to demonstrate they are green to their customers, employees and stakeholders. By doing so, they will not only deliver energy and financial savings, but also reduce carbon emissions. “Innovative approaches to reducing emissions abound – and the possibilities seem to be limited only by willpower and imagination.,” remarks PEIE’s Media Co-ordinator.

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