Thursday, May 15, 2008

Origin Oman Expo 25 - 29 May

“There’s a lot of excitement in the Origin Oman Team about our forthcoming ‘Think Local’ Exhibition which is going to be held in the grounds of the Al Khuwair LuLu Hypermarket, 25 – 29 May,” says Ibtisam Al Faruji, Director of Marketing at the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE) and organizer of the five day event.

“We’re very proud of this exhibition and we’ve had a terrific response from manufacturers and service providers. The team at Lulu have also been great and we’re very grateful to them for their support,” says PEIE’s Zuhair Al Zadjali and Origin Oman exhibition manager. “There is so much quality being produced in Oman and we want to showcase that excellence. We already have over 50 Omani manufacturers, producers and service providers signed up and ready to use the exhibition to promote their range of quality products and services. They are also keen to take this opportunity to educate and inform consumers, demonstrate their considerable business expertise and of course sell their services and products direct to local buyers. It’s a great way for them to reach out to the community.”

Clearly enthusiastic about the topic Al Zadjali goes on to say: “The notion of local products is not exactly a new principle. Of course, most things start their life produced for local sale but recently there has been a revival of interest in buying goods, food and services from closer to home. It is driven by desire for quality, originality, a concern for the environment and a will to invest in our own communities. This exhibition is a response to that.”

Al Faruji has clear thoughts on what’s behind the resurgence of interest in local products and services: “I think there are a number of issues at play. As Zuhair says we have seen growing concern for the environment and how much transport and energy is required to bring products to market. This is coupled with nostalgia for the kind of relationship that goes hand-in-hand with the selling of local products. Also, the growth of tourism has meant that people exploring our country and culture have taken an interest in locally made products and fare which has fostered the growth in the demand for local goods and services and these are themes that need to be highlighted. Coupled with that people are beginning to realise that ‘Origin Oman’ is a badge that means quality. Just look at, for example, the success of Oman Cables overseas – they’ve been used in Heathrow Airport and in many other world class projects. Al Raha Mattresses enjoy extraordinary international success and Reem Batteries are powering London’s red double decker buses – these are remarkable stories that need to be shared. For me, this exhibition really does feel like the right thing at the right time.”

Visit the Origin Oman Think Local Exhibition from 25-29 May at Al Khuwair. To find out more about the Origin Oman campaign log on to:

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