Thursday, September 18, 2008

Origin Oman Go Green Guide Launched

Residents of Oman are being encouraged to ‘go green’ and a new booklet packed full of useful tips and advice has just been published to help you do so.

Supported by Omran and the Environment Society of Oman (ESO,) the Origin Oman Go Green Guide was launched at a recent press conference under the patronage of HE Ahmed Al Dheeb, Under Secretary, Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI).

ESO’s General Manager, Nida Helou, says, “The Origin Oman Go Green Guide contains a lot of helpful, practical advice on how we can do more to protect the environment. I’m sure people of all ages and backgrounds will find it extremely useful and we hope that everyone who reads it learns something new. Our particular hope is that people take something from the Guide, no matter how small, and make their life a little greener.”

Nasser Al Rahbi, Media Co-ordinator for the Origin Oman campaign added, “The Go Green Guide is divided into sections including buildings and the landscape; in the home; recycling; in the garden; at work; at school; travel; what we eat and how to generally ‘green’ up your lifestyle. It’s a fantastic resource.”

Clearly enthusiastic about the topic Al Rahbi goes on to say, “The notion of local products isn’t exactly new. Of course, most things start their life produced for local sale but recently there’s been a revival of interest in buying goods, food and services from closer to home. It’s driven by desire for quality, originality, a will to invest in our own communities and a concern for the environment. Origin Oman’s Go Green Guide is a response to that.”

The Origin Oman campaign believes that nurturing local business can bring substantial economic rewards, create all important job opportunities, spread more money around the sultanate and help reduce CO2 emissions. Indeed, a recent study found that for every US$100 local busineses brought in through sales, they returned US$68 to the local economy through wages and benefits, purchase of goods and services like office supplies, IT, accounting and advertising, profits to local owners and charitable giving. “Statistics like these clearly illustrate the power consumers have in influencing the growth of local business,” remarks Ibtisam Al Faruji, the Origin Oman Marketing Director.

“If we can influence even 10 per cent more consumers to spend their money on locally produced goods and servics, that'll have a significant economic impact,” says Al Faruji. “Indeed, it can make the difference between life and death for local busineses.” The message is clear declares Al Faruji, “It's time to think, buy and eat local.”

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