Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Eaton to Speak at PEIE Conference

PEIE's Smart Manufacturing Conference ( has an ambitious program covering a variety of topics relevant to the Gulf's manufacturing sector - from Lean Manufacturing; New & Emerging Technologies: Smart Machines; e-Business to e-Manufacturing: Current Technologies & Trends; through to China, the Gulf & the Realities of Global Competition. "Given the make-up of the event and the quality of speakers that have already confirmed their participation, it'll be an exciting two days," commented Mohammed Al Ghassani, Executive Vice President, PEIE.

PEIE confirmed today that Mark Eaton the former Director of the UK Government's Manufacturing Advisory Service will present at the January conference. "Mark's an experienced program manager with an impressive track record in working with both the private and public sector, designing, establishing and managing complex change programmes for manufacturing that have benefited thousands of businesses and returned improvements to the economy measured in the hundreds of millions of dolars," remarked Dave Pender, Marketing Adviser, PEIE.

Mark Eaton is now a Director of APL, an independent program management change consultancy, working with a wide network of manufacturing organisations across the UK and EU as well as providing high level advice and programme design support to a number of public organisations. Eaton Chairs both the IEE's World Class Performance Forum which is part of the Manufacturing Professional Network and also the IOM's 'Think Tank', focused on shaping the future of Operations Management in the UK. "We're delighted to have Mark on board. Indeed, I'm confident he'll add substantial value to the conference," said Pender.

Asked about the event's target audience, Al Ghassani, remarked: "PEIE's SMART Manufacturing Conference will attract the enterprise team of IT, manufacturing and business decision-makers from across the Gulf responsible for changing how work gets done in manufacturing and the supply chain, while better handling changing customer demands through products and services designed to enhance operations at a lower cost. I also believe the conference will attract automation and control engineering teams, manufacturing managers and systems integrators responsible for increased production uptime, improved accuracy, optimized plant operations and lower costs through the latest automation technology, systems and solutions."