Sunday, November 20, 2005

Why's PEIE Blogging?

In the words of the Financial Times blogging is: "Home to those informal, frequently updated online journals that people create to share their thoughts and opinions." Increasingly, PEIE has become aware of the potential of blogging as a means of communicating one-on-one with current and potential tenants - and filling a hole in our CRM program.

PEIE's blogging because.......

1. A corporate blog will help us be more approachable.

2. It'll help us keep our finger on the manufacturing and ICT pulse.

3. Current and potential tenants are smart - they're tired of 'corporate speak'.

4. It means we can communicate with our communities unfiltered and promotes instant feedback.

5. It builds a network.

6. Google. Page Rank means the more people that link to us, and the more often the blog is updated, the higher we'll appear on Google's searches.