Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lean Enterprise Workshop

In addition to the two-day, Smart Manufacturing Conference - 23 - 24 January 2006, Muscat Inter-Continental Hotel - PEIE ( is encouraging Gulf-based manufacturers to attend a special, pan-sector, half-day Lean Enterprise Workshop scheduled for 25 January 2006 at Knowledge Oasis Muscat ( led by Mark Eaton, Director Consultancy, Advance Projects Ltd.

Many have tried to implement lean production in their businesses - some have succeeded, while many have struggled. Lean can be a key competitive advantage in all types of businesses, especially manufacturing, giving them shorter, more responsive production, more effective ‘office’ processes and higher productivity. This drive for ever better performance is a hard path to follow and sustain.

Eaton's workshop doesn't promise magic recipes - instead it offers manufacturers the chance to hear what it takes from those - big and small - who have lived through successful lean transformations. In particular, the workshop will highlight Lean case studies ( drawn from manufacturing, the armed forces ( and the health sector ( .

According to Eaton: "The Workshop is intended to show manufacturers how to use the three key tools to start on a lean journey. They'll learn to see the waste in their organization's value streams, how to create a continuous flow in their processes and how to improve customer service and cut costs by re-configuring their supply chains."

Should you wish to attend the Smart Manufacturing Conference or the Lean Enterprise Workshop then e-mail PEIE's Ibtisam Al Faruji on:

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