Tuesday, November 29, 2005

KOM on Corporate Communications

In today’s highly competitive world there's a lot of pressure on marketing and communications executives to find more innovative, better crafted and executed ways of communicating with not only their internal audiences, who are the building blocks of their own organization but also their customers who drive profitability and purpose. Knowledge Oasis Muscat’s (KOM) December Open House - scheduled for Tuesday, 6 December at 5:30pm - will explore and show how certain communication activities can help maintain or improve an organization’s overall competitive edge.

According to Ibtisam Al Faruji (pictured), KOM’s Open House Co-ordinator: “December’s session is intended for heads of communications departments, senior managers and marketing professionals taking responsibility for planning, managing and delivering integrated marketing, communications and PR strategies.”

With over 15 years professional experience in corporate image management, Atulya Sharma, Communications Manager, United Media Services SAOC, and the seminar’s presenter said: “Successful communications is increasingly central to the management of an organization’s reputation in all its forms. Commercial performance, corporate values and good governance are all critical to the more holistic perception of an organization now demanded by the market – this includes investors, customers, the media and employees.” Having consulted international organizations on formulating and implementing best practice corporate communications strategies, “Sharma combines practical commercial experience along with an interactive style. We fully expect the seminar to be relevant and applicable to the challenges faced by Oman’s senior corporate communicators,” remarked Al Faruji.

Including the latest communications, marketing and PR theory and developments, Sharma’s Open House seminar will draw on existing best practice, use real-life, corporate communication case studies and generate thought provoking ideas and solutions that can be immediately applied by attendees in their own situations. Asked about the value of KOM’s 6 December seminar, Hisham Al Zubaidi, Marketing Director for the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates said: “If I had to list the key reasons why I’ll be attending Sharma’s session they’d be: to help me develop my strategic framework for corporate communications and PR planning and strategy implementation; to help me realize the value of my brand and corporate image through integrated communication channels; to understand the implications of global and local communications planning and management; and to learn best practice tools, tips and techniques to apply in my organization.”